WARBOEL (in creation)

A musical juggling performance about connection and loneliness.

WARBOEL 1: festival version (±35 min.), directed by Vincent de Rooij, from summer 2024
WARBOEL 2: theater version, directed by Ola Mafaalani, from 2025

Two music jugglers, a singer and a choir initiate a ritual in which the audience and the performers are challenged to make connections with each other.

We are developing two new juggling instruments for WARBOEL. The Thread Ball leaves a thread behind when you throw it, with which we literally connect ourselves and the audience. The Micbal is a kind of flying loop station with which we record voices from the audience and juggle their stories.

We throw a web of beats and voices, we enjoy connection but also get tangled up. WARBOEL entices people to participate and open up to each other.

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Video: start of our research during the Delftse Maakweken