PUINBAL (2022)

“Fascinating” “You don’t want to miss a moment” “Superhumanly skillful”
(response form the public)

In our second creation, we dive deeper into our own genre: making music by juggling. Beats with home-made shaker balls and banging jerry cans, body percussion when a ball is in the air and a hand is free. Waltzing with ticking metal pipes, dancing with a pile of cardboard boxes. Juggling you’ve never heard before!

PUINBAL is a poetic, musical juggling performance about a wondrous species: humans. We want higher, faster, more, we’re keeping all the balls in the air, no drops allowed. We go on and on and on, even against extreme odds. We are incredible survivors and irreclaimable perseverers. We hug, we fight. We’re stuck in patterns. We’re juggling with life.
An enchanting mix of music, juggling and visual theatre, PUINBAL is a surrealistic story that touches you. Armed with their unique juggling grooves, the four performers of Sounds Like Juggling take a go at life.

“Sirio..! Higher! Faster! Guido..! GUIDO!! Front! Back! Arthur! Close your eyes! OUT!!”

instruments, composition and jugglography: Guido van Hout, Arthur Wagenaar
direction: Ryan Djojokarso
performers: Guido van Hout, Agata Kruszewska (2022) / Clara de Mik (2023), Sirio Fernández Rubio,
Arthur Wagenaar

decor and light design: André Pronk
decor cpnstruction: Douwe Ket, André Pronk
costumes: Sanne Oostervink
soundtracks: Arthur Wagenaar
tech: Gijs Oomkes, Michiel Heuveling (check one two)
financial manager: Caecilia van Stigt
bookings: Kas van Baasbank, van Baasbank Productions

PR: Willemieke Frank, Marjolein van Ruiten
photo’s: Altin Kaftira
photo poster: Eduardo Leal

In an attempt not to make any more human junk, PUINBAL is produced sustainably as much as possible. Instruments, decor and costumes are recycled from thrift stores, from our shelves, or borrowed from other companies. CO2-exhaust will be compensated for.

Sounds like juggling 2022 ©Altin Kaftira ALT04323
Sounds like juggling 2022 ©Altin Kaftira ALT04540
Sounds like juggling 2022 ©Altin Kaftira ALT04603
Sounds like juggling 2022 ©Altin Kaftira ALT04651
Sounds like juggling 2022 ©Altin Kaftira ALT04666
Sounds like juggling 2022 ©Altin Kaftira ALT04777
Sounds like juggling 2022 ©Altin Kaftira ALT04826
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a Stichting Goed Bezig! / Sounds Like Juggling production
coproduction Gaudeamus, Werkplaats Diepenheim, PERPLX, Dommelhof

with financial support of
Fonds Podiumkunsten, Fonds21, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds,
Société Gavignies, Norma Cultuurfonds, Stichting Melanie,
Van den Berch van Heemstede Stichting, Zabawas