Sounds Like Juggling is currently being created.
We’ll play first try-out on august 14, the premiere is september 25. If corona doesn’t get in the way.

Here you’ll find all practical information about the show.

There will be two versions:
A short verison of about 30 minutes and a full version of about 60 minutes.

Both version are without spoken language and can be played both indoors and outdoors.
Sounds Like Juggling is created and performed following corona rules regarding distance and safety.

Stage: 9x7x5m, minimum 10x8x5m
Number of performers: 4
Tech: 1 (sound / light)
Audience: front, or half circle
If outdoors: not on grass, preferably no background noise
Minimum build-up: 2 hours (inside, with lighting, 3 hours)
Minimum build-down: 1,5 hours