Sounds Like Juggling

Flying shakers, buzzing clubs, rolling speakers…
Juggling you’ve never heard before, and music you’ve never seen!


Composer Arthur Wagenaar and juggler Guido van Hout combine forces to let juggling and music melt into something totally new.
Self-built instruments played by juggling, special props that turn juggling into sound. Throwing beats and rhyhms with shakerballs, bodypercussion while juggling, electronics that turn motion into melody. A totally new genre is born.

Sounds Like Juggling is both the name of our company and of the first production which was performed in theaters and at music, circus and street festivals such as Cirquemania (premiere September 2020), Gaudeamus, November Music, Cirquemania, Spoffin, Circusbende, Tweetakt and FestiValderAa.

October 2022, our second show was premiered: PUINBAL.
With director / choreographer Ryan Djojkarso PUINBAL is a stunning and poetic interdisciplinary experience. Juggling as a metafor for life: surviving, keeping all the balls in the air, going on, going on, at all costs. In search of a new sound, a new balance.
Created fully sustainably, with all props made from recycled, upcycled or bio-degradable materials.
Now on tour!

jongleur Guido van Hout  componist Arthur Wagenaar