Sounds Like Juggling

Where everything buzzes, crackles, ticks, clashes, falls and flies…

Flying shakers, buzzing clubs, rolling speakers…
Juggling you’ve never heard before, and music you’ve never seen!

Composer Arthur Wagenaar and juggler Guido van Hout combine forces to let juggling and music melt into something totally new.
Self-built instruments played by juggling, special props that turn juggling into sound. A totally new genre is born.
All four performers are both juggler and musician. Alongside van Hout and Wagenaar on stage are Aleš Hrdlička and Clara de Mik. Director is Joeri Vos (Veenfabriek, also coproducer).

Sounds Like Juggling is all about patterns. In music, in juggling, in life. The power and the beauty of patterns. Being stuck in patterns. And above all, breaking free of patterns. An art now more important than ever. Sounds Like Juggling: a fantastic playground of movement and sound, where the rules of the game could change any moment and nothing is impossible.

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Composer Arthur Wagenaar (Close Call, Susies Haarlok) integrates all possible genres, and loves to use self-built musical instruments. Juggler Guido van Hout (Gandini’s) combines juggling with elements of physical theatre, dance and music, and particularly loves rhythm. His shows include Droge Druppels, Out of the Box, and, also with Arthur, Verloren Licht en Villa Verdraaid.