artistic leaders
Arthur Wagenaar, post[at]
Guido van Hout, guidovanhout[at]

financial manager
Caecilia van Stigt, info[at]

Marjolein van Ruiten,
+31-6-200 62 844

download presskit PUINBAL (in Dutch)
download press kit Sounds Like Juggling (in Dutch)



Sounds Like Juggling is produced under the flag of
Stichting Goed Bezig!.

The board consists of: Herman van Baar (chairman), Yassmine El Ksaihi (secretary) en Hans Mets (treasurer). The board meets twice a year on an unpaid basis.

Stichting Goed Bezig! has the ‘ANBI-status’.

iban: NL96 TRIO 0198 0620 28
kvk: 62415174
rsin: 854808577

More info on Stichting Goed Bezig! can be found here.


jongleur Guido van Hout  componist Arthur Wagenaar 

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